Trashion, art made with trash from the ocean.

This photography of Kelly Fajack clearly explains the amazing work of the artist Marina DeBris. Her work is a call to embrace sensitization and respect concerning our oceans. Putting in front of our faces the trash produced and left floating our waters by ourselves. Using a field that is very close to our daily life, the fashion world. You can obviously see the pun with trash plus fashion equals trashion.

She started picking up all the waste she could find, walking along the sand beaches in Sydney, where she’s living at the moment. Because it was disturbing for her, to see all those plastic bags, plastic bottles, cups spread all over the shore. But she decided to go one step further by giving more visibility to this matter. That’s when she began to make fashion trash pieces.

It seems a great idea to me to show our own ocean trash on our skins using trashion clothing, is so direct, beautiful and awesome at the same time…it sends a simple message. In addition the fashion format give you a lot of scope in a propagandistic level. Helping the message to reach all kind of public.

Tones and tones of plastic objects are currently damaging the life of our oceans. I really hope that more actions like the ones created by Marina DeBris make us understand the impact we generate on the environment and the huge importance to reduce it as soon as possible.

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