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Who is behind reflexe?

Hello! My name is Xènia Viñas, the managing director of reflexe, a very personal project born of my passion for images. Ever since I was small I have been attracted to images. This curiosity has continued to expand over the years.

I studied electronic art and digital design; I majored in photography and photo retouching. Then I started with video editing and web pages. Later 3D (computer generated images) offered me a world of possibilities and allowed me to work in London for a while.

This experience was a turning point and helped me understand what I wanted to do, how I wanted to work and who I wanted to do it for. The foundations of reflexe began to settle although at that time I was not very aware of it.

Upon returning to Barcelona, after receiving extra doses of sun, sea and Spanish omelette, I had the opportunity to put into practice that which I had conceived as a project. Carrying out quite a few jobs that required mastery of various techniques and also a background concept and strategy.

I finally put two and two together. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These jobs helped me to understand that I was looking for the thousand words behind each image, each project. I was looking for their reflection.

Reflecting the personalities and projects of my clients, using multiple techniques and media, is what I do best. It’s what I like doing most.

The project has continued to expand. My latest learning experience has been online marketing. To make these “reflections” reach the public of my clients.

Finally, one of the characteristics of reflexe is its sustainable facet. Implementing sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact is an attitude that is highly integrated in my everyday life.
The logical step was to adapt these sustainable practices to the world of advertising and implement them in my project. So I understood that I was doing sustainable advertising.

And this is the story! Welcome to reflexe, sustainable advertising for entrepreneurial artists and industrial companies. I hope we can work together soon! Reflect yourself!