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reflexe for artistic projects and the world of the arts

Do you need advice with a show or a project that is about to come to light and that you want to publicise? reflexe will help you. First, we will talk about what you do and what you want to achieve with the resources you have within your grasp. Then we will choose the route to follow and define the most appropriate tools and communication or advertising channels. Always looking for creative solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Whether your project requires a wide range of services or if you just need some pictures, you will get an authentic result, which will appeal to the people that you want to reach. reflexe also offers advice when the task is completed, so that you can manage the project in an independent manner, either by posting on your website, developing your dissemination channels in social networks, etc.

You can see all the services below. If you need one which is not on this list, let me know. I’m sure we’ll find a creative outlet so you can carry out your project.

Services for artistic entrepreneurs

Are you an actor or dancer and you need photographic portraits that show your registers and skills? Or do you need to have good pictures of your work that not only document it, but are able to reflect its essence? You will have authentic, impressive, delicate pictures … portraits, still life or a combination. For more information contact me.
A good way to introduce yourself or present a project or show is using a promotional video. A video clip, an interview, a little short film. Well prepared and with a good dose of creativity, it gives you visibility and reaches the audience you want if you use the relevant broadcasting channels wisely. Click here for an example.
From the advertising image of the show poster to the program design, promotional video, dissemination on networks… No matter how big or small the show is. If you need to give visibility and voice to your show, reflexe can guide you step by step.
Web pages are a powerful tool for any type of dissemination. reflexe adds a self-management service to the building of the page, so you learn to upload content, change structures and thus adapt your web to emerging needs. For any questions concerning self management, you also have access to advice once the project is completed.

If you need a book of photos but have a limited budget, you can sign up for a PizzaBook photo shoot. You will have authentic, quality photos but at a shared price. Three to five people can participate. And the photo session lasts between two and three hours. Participants share space, time, resources and mutual assistance. Then each will receive their own photos. If you want to join in, tell me about it by clicking here