Learning to do sustainable grocery shopping

Would you like to learn sustainable shopping?, here you have a guide for you to start doing small changes on your consuming habits.
This infography is the result of my personal struggles, for learning to buy in a more sustainable way . But sometimes I cannot do it, because the truth is, they make it terribly difficult for us.

You must read all the labelling on the products you buy, yep, all of them! And sometimes you have to do serious research about companies you get stuff from. I recognize that I even feel a kind of detective’s adrenalin on my skin.
You have to study the supply chain in order to evaluate what you buy and the product lifecycle once you own it. And also you have to understand the different types of materials and their recycling processes…Obviously, many people get discouraged, they think that a change in their routines won’t make any difference on the planet’s health at all.
But that’s not true! As a consumers we can exert a vital influence in companies. Choosing products that use less natural resources, that aren’t harmful or that can be integrated again in the consumption chain. We can provoque that the worst products for the environment get discarded gradually, by not buying them. Which company would like to produce an item that is not being sold?

If we modify our habits, perhaps we will improve the future perspectives of our planet. If we don’t do it, we can be sure that future generations will have a much more complicated life than us.

Would you join to sustainable shopping?, start with a small change and you will see… If you need specific examples, you can take a look to this infography if you want.

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