Why choose sustainable fish products

There are many reasons for choosing products from sustainable fisheries. In this short film the reasons for the collectives or companies dedicated to traditional and sustainable fishing versus companies that opt for a more aggressive way are explained.

Pan do Mar is an exemplary traditional and sustainable fishing company. If you want to look at their website, click here www.pandomar.net.

As consumers we can choose. I personally eat sardines and eggs only as a source of protein in my diet. If you are not vegan or vegetarian and you like fish, I advise you to look carefully and choose fish whilst being aware of all the processes behind it.

Firstly, looking out for yourself, the fish which eat other fish have much higher mercury content than fish that feed on plankton. Therefore it is better for your health to choose sardines and anchovies for your daily diet.

Secondly, caring for the ocean bed and aquatic life, photosensitive fish, such as sardines and anchovies, guarantee, by the way they have been caught, that no other species is harmed, nor will the ocean bed suffer any damage. Fish that are not caught with the fishing method using artificial light (photosensitive) can be caught using methods such as trawling or tunny fishing. Harmful methods for the ocean and other species caught and killed accidentally without being consumed, unnecessary deaths.

Most fish can be caught by disastrous methods, except the sardine and anchovy. Tuna caught using fishing rods is not harmful either, it is a traditional method which ensures that the only victim is the tuna you eat, although the percentage of tuna has gone down shockingly over recent decades and its fishing is subject to many controls.

Due to aggressive and uncontrolled fishing there are now deserts on the ocean bed and species in precarious states of existence, among other consequences. If you are a fish lover but worried about the health of the oceans, reduce consumption of carnivorous fish and find out how it was caught, or act like me, eat locally caught sardines and anchovies and, if you live far from the sea, buy products by Pan do Mar.

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