Great animated short film, us and the mobile…

This critical short film about the way we use the mobile phone is a great piece for many reasons. Firstly for the beauty of the short film, I was hooked from the first moment. The second reason is obviously the critical part and I think most of us identify with some of the video. Thirdly, how it visually explains the discourse of vital isolation that the misuse of technology can cause, which it really is causing.

One of the characteristics of sustainability is the relationship of respect and attention that it establishes with the elements that surround and nurture it. Environmental sustainability, to give an obvious example, interrelates the different natural means to achieve a balance.

I think the attention and the relationship between people provides us with health and balance. If we live in front of a screen we are indirectly helping to create a zombie society that is constantly seeking immediate pleasures, living unilaterally, isolated from the pleasure of a good conversation.

By this I am not saying that technology itself is the culprit. We are behind the technology and it is us who have to learn to use it to reach out to others and the world, not to turn away from them.

I have not been able to find the name of the author of the video, if anyone knows them, it would be fantastic if they commented below, to be able to place a link to their website or Youtube channel. Thanks!

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