Poster with photomontage

I would like you to be able to see part of the process behind a poster with a photomontage such as “Un Gulliver violinista”. You cannot always see what happens behind the images that flood our senses on a daily basis. Adriana and Irantzu are excellent violinists. They are very talented and they also have an ability that is difficult to find, being able to work together for a complex photo shoot.

Once the idea that would reflect their project was defined and clear, we began the search for the sailboat. We found one in the restaurant Can Dimas in Mataro. They are very friendly and lent us their miniature boat to photograph it.
We quickly headed to the set of reflexe in Cabrera de Mar and there we produced all the photographs that would later have to be assembled. As you can see, the session was fun and we all loved the end result!

It is always a pleasure to work with them; here I leave a link where you can find out more about Adriana and Irantzu’s project.

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