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Project Description

Website for Ciclo Lunar

The edition of this website has been an adventure. The project of Ciclo Lunar was undefined when we started working with Ana Calderón. The idea needed defining, decision making and prioritization of concepts. When the content, order and type of services that Ciclo Lunar offered became clear, we came to the conclusion that the best way to work would be via progressive advising.

reflexe offers the ability to edit the web together with the user so they can be completely autonomous in the long term. It turned out to be a very good decision, because Ana’s profile needed an affordable price, capacity of self-management and for her to be present at every step of the process. This profile is usually very common among entrepreneurs. It was also vital that the web be adapted to desktop computer, laptop, tablet and mobile.

The truth is that both of us are very satisfied with the final look and usability of the website. Ana explained to me that the people in her inner circle saw that the page as “her” very own personality. She told me that it reflected who she was, what she wanted to do and that this was what she liked most of the web. Complete satisfaction, bearing in mind that the name of my business is reflexe, “reflection”.

Ciclo Lunar is still under development. We continue to work to improve technical issues and to move forward in digital advertising, contact management and social networks with progressive advising. Do not miss this page if you are interested in astrology and art. All of the beautiful paintings that appear on the web are by the artist.