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Project Description

Online advertising for digital campaigns

One of the main advantages of using online advertising is the ability to measure who we have reached. It seems simple at first glance. But with media such as magazines and graphic advertising in general it is very difficult to know which of our customers have liked the ad, in order to contact them.

It is also very difficult to know the profile of our customers, in order to send the information to those who are really interested in what we can offer. Segmentation, in other words, the ability to reach the customer who has a profile that suits our product, is also an extraordinary plus of online advertising.

The other big advantage in terms of sustainability is that we do not waste paper and do not use ink. Ink is a highly harmful pollutant and one of slow degradation. The computer, tablet or mobile devices are used to consult the web and have not been the subject of sustainability studies yet. However, mobile phone companies such as “fairphone” are starting to invest in modular and recyclable technology. Hopefully these tools will improve their supply chain and production.

Meanwhile, reflexe only uses renewable energy sources to work, and makes every effort to manage technological waste in the best way possible.

In this post you can see, if you enter the link, how we have structured the Youtube channel so that it is effective both for viewings and for the campaigns usually done with Maquinaria Viñas.