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Project Description

Ecodesigned catalogue · Reducing environmental impact

This is the solution that reflexe found when faced with the order to create the new ecodesign catalogue for the company Maquinaria Viñas. They needed a catalogue that was far from the conventional catalogue. And we wanted to try to reduce costs and environmental impact.

The solution was to leave the weight of the extensive content on the company’s website and to design an attractive, glossy catalogue that would promote interest in the Maquinaria Viñas website and Youtube channel. We found the solution in a fan type catalogue with general information in an introductory format.

We reduced costs by 50% in paper and 45% in ink. Economically this was reflected in a 30% reduction as the catalogues required a lot of handling, but we could afford to make the amount the company needed for the calendar of trade fairs.

Applying effective creativeness to the design of the ecodesigned catalogue gave us a very good result. The impression it has caused on Viñas clients and the general public has been very positive.
On the one hand we have managed to show an image of a company that dares to make a different catalogue, optimising resources and lightening the burden of raw material, and on the other hand we have directly related the catalogue with the usability of the company’s website.