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Project Description

Conceptual photography

Conceptual photography is a visual production defined by a principal concept. In this case, a photograph and a video responding to a sentence. Eastern roots, contemporary expression.

Alnouart is a dance school with personality. But that personality was not defined, it was not understood from the outside. After a fruitful search and a few meetings with the director and founder of Alnouart, we defined the characteristics that differentiated it. In this work the concept emerged, which occupied the first part of the project.

In the second phase we needed to reflect this concept in image. By using the contrast between the oriental and contemporary costumes we found a good way to show what we wanted to explain. The same sentence itself helped us fly. Finally I carried out the photo editing and video editing.

The truth is it was a lot of fun; the project was very enjoyable to do and was very well received. And the personality of the type of dance that is practised at the school is captured by the images that represent it.